Revolution 613


revolution613 short movie by VFXbox


It is the year 613 counting from the „day of disaster“, when the peoples of the earth had finally brought about the destruction of their planet through their greed for power. The survivors were forced underground and in the course of time created the „Inner World“, a temporary refuge until the outer world had recovered. The „Inner World“ has restored the monarchy, in an attempt to regain security. TAUROS, the sole ruler, has become obsessed with power and has for decades withheld from his subjects the fact that the outer world has long been habitable. But rumours begin to spread, sowing the seeds of distrust against the king. An underground organisation arises, with the aim of deposing Tauros and bringing the truth to light.


Directors: Berter Orpak, Benjamin Haagen
Producers: Michael Göbel, Tobias Manglkammer
Website: Revolution 613