67 Grad Nord


67grad nord short movie by VFXbox


Jouris, an old and frail man of small stature, lives in the middle of the sea inside of a lighthouse. The wooden beams of the lighthouse seem to withstand the forces of nature not much longer – but they do. They’ve been doing it for years. The days go by and Jouris waits. He waits to see a ship and to be seen by a ship. No ships whatsoever. Just a limping crow stops by every evening at the same time to catch some fish in the sea for dinner. Days, months and years go by and Jouris always stares at the sea through the lighthouse’s window until the sun touches the horizon and night falls. All the sudden a heavy storm changes his life.


Directors: Ildikó Dietrich, Benjamin Haagen
Our Task: Every aspect except sounddesign

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